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POST#1: 11/11/04








lonely eyes (4:11)   mp3 POSTED: 3/14/10
one night (3:38)   mp3  
indian (3:28)   mp3  
curtain call (3:44)   mp3  
it's you (3:37)   mp3  
sunnyside (3:46)   mp3  
now your watching (3:02)   mp3  
looking glass (5:45)   mp3  


Vocal Sketches for Collaboration (scatspeak)



  • Rough music concepts for vocal song development.
  • Posted for performers, producers, composers and/or lyricists looking for seed music ideas to develop songs and share in authorship (creative commons licensed).
  • Musical intent is focused on exploring new harmonic and rhythmic relationships thru improvised or spontaneous composition while maintaining some pop music sensibilities.
  • All vocals are improvised using semi-lingual scatspeak to indicate musical intent for lyric writers (pardon the bad singing). Clip titles are temporary and for reference only.