Vocal Sketches for Collaboration (with Lyrics)

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Instrument of Your Peace(4:25)
(Lyrics from the 'Prayer of St. Francis')

  mp3   POSTED: 4/11/10

Dont Spoil The Fun (4:01)
(percussion: G. Bogan)

You Can See Out Loud (4:14)
(Lyrics: T J McGee)
Standing Tall (3:18)   mp3    
Loving Is A Sacrifice (2:45)   mp3    
She Makes the Other Girls Cry (3:12)   mp3    
A Love Tonight (3:57)   mp3    





  • Rough music concepts for vocal song development.
  • Posted for performers, producers, composers and/or lyricists looking for seed music ideas to develop songs and share in authorship (creative commons licensed).
  • Musical intent is focused on exploring new harmonic and rhythmic relationships thru improvised or spontaneous composition while maintaining some pop music sensibilities.
  • All vocals are for demonstration only (pardon the bad singing).